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HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the Web Industry Standard for the creation of Websites. HTML sites are ideal for heavy customization, SEO, have quick load times, are very secure and require very little maintenance. Because of the nature of HTML, it is not a platform in which changes can be made by those not intimately familiar with HTML and CSS.


WordPress, is an open-source content management system (CMS). In 2014, nearly one out of four websites created employed WordPress.  WordPress sites are ideal for blogs, large websites, E-commerce, Realtor IDX/MLX integration, and can be edited by those who are unfamiliar with programming languages. We suggest that WordPress sites receive a minimum of monthly updating in order to remain secure and function error free. Again, this can be done by those with a minimum of technological know-how.

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Additional Services

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Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting Service will ensure that computer users will be able to access your website via the Internet.  The files that make a Website need to exist on a server so that it can be indexed by Search Engines and found by users.  We offer Premium Web Hosting for $10 a month or at discounted rates for long term contracts.

Domain Name

A Domain Name is the web address of a website.  Our expert professionals will help you choose a domain name that reflects your services while trying to maximize it’s effectiveness in Search Engine Results.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate ensures that the connection between the user and the server is secure with encryption.  This is very important for E-commerce sites or any sites where sensitive information is being shared.

Custom Contact Form

A Custom Contact Form is important for gathering very specific data from a website user.  The fields which a user fills out can be completely customized as well as requiring specific fields to be filled out while allowing others to remain blank.

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