Getting familiar with Google Analytics

1. We will need to be provided an email address which is associated with a Google account in order to give you “Read & Analyze” access to the Google Analytics account we have set up for your site. If your email address is not or can not be associated with a Google account, you can set up a gmail account at (click “Create account”).

2. You can review your Google Analytics account at any time by logging in at:

If this is your first time to the Google Analytics main page, you may need to sign in with the email account your Google account is associated with. This can be done by clicking “SIGN IN”, in the upper right hand corner.

3. Once you are logged into the Google Analytics Home Page, you should see your campaign. (If you don’t please contact us at and we can help.) Click on your campaign name, then on the property (usually named the same thing as the campaign name), then on “All Web Site Data”. This will bring you to your campaign dashboard.

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4. Once you are at your campaign dashboard you will be able to analyze your site metrics. (There are plenty of resources online for gaining familiarity with Google Analytics, an official Google course on Google Analytics can be found here:

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5. To view the goal tracking metrics for your site, scroll down the left menu until you see “Conversions”. Click on “Conversions”, then on “Goals”, then “Overview”. This will bring up the dashboard to review the goals we have in place for your site. This data can be used to determine what visitors on your site are doing.

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